Trees planted


Tons of CO2 to be absorbed

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Right now with every breath , Indians are taking in toxins. Our lungs are being compromised. More importantly our children are being badly affected. So, let's plant trees for our future generations. With their ability to produce oxygen, absorb certain pollutants, reduce dust and help recharge ground water, trees are the greatest gift you can give to your children while reducing one's own carbon footprint .
So, come together to work towards
Swachh Zameen, Swachh Hawa aur Swachh Paani

Plant Trees for Clean Air

Swachh Uttar

Plant trees in Uttarakhand Himalayas to build a self-sustainable eco-system.

Swachh Poorv

Plant trees in West Bengal to strengthen

Swachh Dakshin 1

Plant trees in Andhra Pradesh to support
rural farmers.

Swachh Dakshin 2

Plant trees in Karnataka and bring more rain showers to the state

Swachh Madhya

Plant trees in Maharashtra to enrich

Swachh Paschim

Plant trees in Thar desert to spread greenery on barren lands

Your 1 planted tree will -
  • Produce 118 Kg of oxygen each year
  • Absorb 22 Kg of CO2 each year
  • Produce enough oxygen to support 2 human lives for a year